Serenity Gardens Seniors Home is Bermudian owned and operated by a Registered Nurse and a media Social worker, both of whom have seventeen (17) years of proven work experience in the clinical and community setting. The home is located in a private, tranquil setting that adds to the therapeutic milieu.


We are a first class senior's residential home. The facility is governed by a Board of Directors, managed by a facility supervisor and a registered nurse who is licensed by the Bermuda Nursing Council, and supported by a team of qualified geriatric nursing assistants and dedicated volunteers. the employees of Serenity Gardens look forward to caring for Bermuda's seniors.


Our Mission is to provide professional quality care to the elderly in a loving, caring, supportive, and serene environment while maintaining the health and dignity of our clients in safe and happy surroundings.


According to figures contained in the Bermuda Census 2000, seniors (65 years +) represent approximately 11% of Bermuda's population. This figure is up by 25% from the 1990 census figures (Bermuda Census 2000). The consensus is that this percentage will climb due to the modern advances in medicare and overall health care.


Many of the caregivers responsible for the elderly (primarily family members) will want to consider alternative means of care. They many not want to place their loved ones in an "institutional" style setting; rather, they will opt for a purpose built care facility that closely resembles a home environment; one that caters to an individual's social and physical abilities, and their needs.


Serenity Gardens Seniors Home will offer relief and respite to family members and caregivers that will allow them the freedom to work and to maintain their personal lives while being assured that their loved ones are in a safe and controlled environment.


Serenity Gardens Seniors Home ensures all of the above and more. Our mandate is to provide companionship, stimulation, and care for seniors who need an environment conducive to their needs, and we are confident in our goals, objectives, professional abilities, and integrity.

Our primary objective is to be an integral part of the healthcare and social needs of Bermuda's seniors.